Delhi Rajasthan Transport Co. Ltd. Began business in 1971 as Associated forwarder in Rajasthan, operating as a domestic forwarder. From the beginning, the Company found a special niche in offering highly personalized and flexible services that were not offered by competitors.
Today, DRTC is a $25+ million turnover company operating in Rajasthan , Gujarat , Haryana, Maharashtra , Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh and Kerala with 160 offices of its own. Company is growing not through merger or acquisition, but by providing superior execution of an ever-expanding menu of service offerings. The company offers a complete menu of services including on-demand courier services, in all major and secondary cities of India.

Success Story

A Key reason for our success . . . .
A key reason for our success is our network of small utility vehicles and trucks. Our extensive delivery menu includes Same Day, Overnight, 2nd Day, Three Day Direct and Four/Five Day Deferred delivery services. Our creative use of information technology that links suppliers, distributors and customers with fast, accurate and useful data.

I nfrastructure

The services of DRTC include not only the industry's most complete portfolio of surface services, but also a wide variety of third-party logistics and supply chain management services, many of which are designed in response to specific customers need. The company provides a diverse customer base with integrated and discrete services across the full spectrum of multi-modal logistics and heavyweight transportation needs. DRTC delivers solutions with proven value whether your supply chain extends across town or across the Indian states.
Today, we run over 200 small utility vehicles and 600 trucks. With the experience and expertise of more than 500 professionals we provide the comprehensive transportation and logistics services that bring together thousands of suppliers, plants and customers every day throughout India.
DRTC is one of the largest transporter of truckload freight between the nine States of India. With offices throughout north , south ,western India, DRTC is focused on providing the finest transportation service between different states of India. We have developed the advanced computer systems in the industry, the skilled group of driver professionals and have highly-trained and dedicated personnel. We are determined to provide the best possible service to our customers, enhance the environment for our employees and strengthen our shareholder values.

Our Strength

DRTC’S India wide system consists of a series of partnership agreements and alliances with major companies in transportation and logistics. Through these special alliances and working agreements, DRTC has established permanent, instant, full-time access to the very best transportation and logistics resources in India .
DRTC has structured these resources into a global system overseen by experienced specialists using the latest information technologies. copyright 2012. All rights reserved